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August 17th, 2006

03:34 am - aww thats cute Kupo.
rate me please thanks.Collapse )

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August 14th, 2006

12:47 am - KUPO.
New member, new survey, all that nonsense. :)

WARK. KWEH?Collapse )

PicturesCollapse )
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August 3rd, 2006

08:03 pm
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July 27th, 2006

08:43 am - So I'm noticing this community is pretty dead
Earth to the Mods...

I know there's probably alot going on for you right now. (I know there is for at least one of you) but could you maybe appoint someone to do the stampage? Theres been like 893843908432904832 applications NONE of which have stamps. I could always help you if you wanted me to, I managed communtied before and started one of my own. I'm not hating on you, I just wanna know why this place turned into a ghost town. =].

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10:35 am - Kupo
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July 26th, 2006

11:55 pm - Kupo...

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04:23 pm - Kupo!
summon application!Collapse )

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07:04 pm - Kupo!

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July 24th, 2006

11:55 am - Kupo!
I'm actually vivi_eiko, but I was wondering if you all could be so kind enough to vote me again under this name.

Kupo nuts can be fun.Collapse )

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July 23rd, 2006

03:28 pm - .hack RPG promo
New crossover .hack RPG, with no FF characters taken at all! If you're interested in playing, click the cut. :3Collapse )
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