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A Final Fantasy Rating Community

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Since: 10-12-2004

Mod: konnichiwaneko
Co-Mod/Friendly Helper: pink_starlight
Co-Mod: selphiealmasy

This community is for people who are curious about who they might be if they were in a Final Fantasy, rated by looks and by their personality.

Filling out the Survey

- You have to join the community in order to post. Don't forget to add us to your friend's page too! ^_^
- Please place your survey and pictures under a LJ cut. Go Here if you do not know how.
- Be honest! And you have to put YOUR name or nickname... no saying your name is Rinoa or Cloud. OR saying you want to be voted as someone... b/c this isn't about what you think... it's what the members think you act like! >XD
- Please put kupo in the subject when being rated, so I will know that you have read the rules. ^_^
- Please do not post any cosplay pictures of you as the characters of any Final Fantasy, other cosplay is okay. BUT, you can always post your cosplay pictures after you have been stamped! ^_^ Just put *Stamped in the subject.
- You are only allowed reapply your survey after 3 weeks if you are not satisfied.
- If you do not follow the rules you will be asked to change it... if that is not done than it will be deleted!

Voting on other surveys

- Once you join the community you have to vote on other people too!
- The big thing about this community is that it is not based on just looks... which is why there is a survey. Please, please, please do not just vote who the person looks like. Thanks! ^_^
- Another thing I have seen is people are just voting the same as the first person who voted! Pleaseeeeeee have your own opinion!
- Narrow your choices down to only 2 characters at the most. Thanks!
- And BE NICE I will not say this again... you get one warning, probation, and then if it happens again you will be banned.

Other Stuff

This is a rating community, but we would like people to stay active any way that they can!
Soooo... these other things will be allowed as well! As long as it stays Final Fantasy Related

- Posting of cosplay pictures after you have been stamped! Don't forget to put it behind a lj-cut, and to put "Stamped" in the subject line.
- Discussions of Final Fantasy are also allowed! If you have any questions, or you just wanna see what other people think about something in the game, that's awesome! Anything that might be a spolier of the games, please put it behind a LJ-cut that states it is a spoiler! I really would hate for anyone to have the whole game spoiled for them. Thank so much!


Credit: Helpers of the survey: pink_starlight and ardin_resolute ^______^

A List of the Members that have been stamped!

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Please do not claim any graphics on here as your own.
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